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SPS. Sabrina XXII v. EH. Monteverdi a. d. PS. Sabra II v. Cornus

Die Besitzerin von Sabrina XXII von EH. Monteverdi schickte uns eine E-Mail,
dass sie in 2010 ein Hengstfohlen von Karolinger II geboren hat, großlinig und mit guten Gelenken.

Später teilte sie auch die Bewertung mit.

Sabrina's new foal

Dear Mr. Kuhlemann,
Solstice was born yesterday in Vigny, France, a very healthy, very big colt. He looks very different from Sylvabel yet still carries many of the same nice features, which I believe are partly handed down through Monteverdi.

We hope all is well with you and that you are having a successful foaling season.

Kind regards,
C. L.

Sabrinas Fohlen   Sabrinas Fohlen

Dear Dr. Kuhlemann,
I hope you and your family are well. I am thinking particularly of your son and wishing him good health.
I am sending you news about Sabrina's foal Solstice by Karolinger II.
He was considered a very good foal at yesterday's evaluation. However, his scores were lower than Sylvabel's. This is what Solstice earned:


He was not judged by Dirk Langle this year but by Konrad Ranzinger and the vice-president of the German Trakehner Verband. (I don't know his name.) There was also a woman present (another German), but it wasn't clear whether she was judging or not.

I am attaching a few photos from the event.
C. L.

Sabrinas Fohlen

Sabrinas Fohlen

Sabrinas Fohlen

Sabrinas Fohlen

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